Cold Water Technique

Here is a brief excerpt of an interview that I did with Outdoor Health and Fitness where I discuss dealing with the chronic pain caused by RA with pain desensitization techniques.

The full episode is scheduled for release on 03/31/14.

This is a podcast interview, you can listen here:

Brief overview:

Pain Desensitization Techniques Increase Pain Threshold

Angela DurazoIn this audio brief of my upcoming interview with triathlete and rheumatoid arthritis suffer Angela Durazo she talks about how she’s been able to significantly reduce pain with desensitization techniques.

As a professional triathlete who is also living with rheumatoid arthritis Angela Durazo faces and has learned to overcome many challenges. One of the most significant is living with the chronic pain brought on by rheumatoid arthritis. 

Cold Water Technique

One of the main triggers of her pain is cold water and as a triathlete cold water swimming is a major factor in every race. In order to compete, Angela needed to find a way to increase her pain tolerance.

She remembered training with some friends who were Navy seals and what they told her about pain desensitization techniques used to increase their tolerance. In essence, by subjecting yourself to higher levels of pain over time your threshold for what you can tolerate increases.

So Angela would place her hand in ice water for 2 or 3 minutes at a time several times a week. By willingly subjecting herself to intense pain, which may seem counter intuitive, she was able to increase her pain tolerance over time.

Now, despite living in chronic pain all the time, she is able to tolerate it so well that most people who meet her have no idea she is living with RA. Her pain does not affect her the way it once did and it’s not preventing her from doing those things that she loves to do.

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