Turn your pain into power

About 14 weeks ago I tried to do a “glute bridge” and I had serious trouble trying to do it. My hips have taken a lot of pain and stiffness from the RA so moving them has been painful.

Well, I decided I wanted to do these things and I started with 5 simple, barely even moving. It burned to move and I sometimes teared up from the pain.

So, I put on my most aggressive weight lifting music (Rob bailey-hungry) and decided I wasn’t going to let RA decide what I can and can’t do.

For weeks I practiced and tried, 3 times a week. At times feeling embarrassed and foolish but I kept with it. 5 turned into 7, then 10, then 12, then one leg, then after a couple months, the pain went away. I had won my movement back! My hips moved freely without feeling like stuck in cement and lactic burn.

Today I did my glute bridges, one leg 3x 12 with 25lb weight. I have my movement back, I had to fight like hell for it, but I won and now I’m getting stronger.

I promise you, if you stick and fight with all your heart, you can accomplish your goals too. Turn your pain into power, my friends.

Turn your pain into power.



Big accomplishment today! 12 months ago, I couldn’t squat, my range of motion was limited, it hurt to move in a squat motion and I wasn’t strong enough for even my own body weight, so I started baby squats-motions in the pool, holding onto the rail. After a couple months, I graduated to assisted squatting, outside the pool where I held a towel wrapped around a pillar to do the full range of motion squat, no weight, just motion. About 3 months of those and I graduated to the Smith machine, only bar. A couple months of those and then I graduated to bar + 10lbs, I did a couple months like that. -Well, last week I graduated out of the Smith machine into free standing squats with the bar (45lbs)! Yes!!  This week I added weights! AMAZING #gettingstronger



3 thoughts on “Turn your pain into power

  1. You are an awesome inspiration, thank you. The doctors said I would never be able to run, or ride again as it would just make my auto immune disease worse. In the back of my head I knew I would get out again, but you have strengthened my motivation.

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