To be resilient…

I know what it feels like to wake up in terrible pain, feeling overwrought with discouragement.

The type of heaviness that weighs in your soul and makes the rhythm of your heartbeat mildly erratic when you ask yourself, ‘why did this happen to me’…

I allow myself to sit in this pain for a minute, I shed a tear and acknowledge my suffering. Then I pick myself up and focus on everything that I want.

I put my training clothes on and make my way to the gym.

As I’m starting to train, I daydream about being on the course, racing amongst the best. I can literally feel my stomach ache as I try to satisfy my appetite, my hunger to be one the best.

I become completely convinced that I have no limitations. I force my mind and my body into a place where I embrace my pain and I use it to fuel my power. I completely surrender myself to the race.

There’s nothing more empowering than the fuel derived from suffering. Pain bestows upon you everything you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy, yet it gifts you with the realization that you have the strength to move mountains. The strength to forge ahead. The strength to show others a new path.

It teaches you to be humble, to be appreciative, to be wise, to be ambitious, and most of all…to be resilient.



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